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Artists are welcome to apply for an exhibition in 2024.

Artprenr Gallery is located on the north side of Brisbane and is a boutique contemporary exhibition space. We aim to present a unique program of creative exhibitions that are thought provoking with a focus on design aesthetics.

Gallery Mission

1. To deliver a diverse contemporary Visual art program
2. To foster creative community and present thought provoking exhibitions
3. To represent emerging and established Artists - local, interstate and International.
4. To build relationships with design industries and present exceptional artwork for Art projects.

How to Apply
Proposals and applications can be forwarded through the following Exhibition Application Form. Alternatively you can email us with your proposal to

Checklist for Application
1. Name, address, email address and contact phone number
2. CV and Proposal Document
3. Labelled images (title/size/year)
4. Clearly defined Exhibition concept