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Louise Isackson


Having navigated the realms of both design and visual art, Louise is the visionary behind Artprenr, fostering global engagement among artists and designers. With a rich background in the design industry spanning several years, her longstanding aspiration to establish herself as a full-time practicing artist and now branding Artprenr to the world.

Balancing her design endeavors and rekindling her painting practice five years ago, she is now immersed in collaboration with artists worldwide to propel the Artprenr brand forward.

Louise brings a comprehensive background encompassing studies in Graphic and Digital Design, Visual Art, and Curatorship. In 2016, she achieved a QUT Masters degree in Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries, igniting her passion for establishing an online art business.

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Yenda Carson


Yenda is a seasoned curator and arts leader who brings a wealth of experience to Artprenr. With an impressive background in arts leadership, she has held esteemed positions such as Director at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery in NSW, Program Leader of Cultural Services and Director at Logan Art Gallery and the University of the Sunshine Coast Art Gallery in QLD.

Yenda is an accomplished artist whose creations explore spatial, spiritual, architectural, and environmental concepts, reflecting depth and creativity. Her commissioned artworks adorn buildings, public spaces, private collections, and gallery exhibitions. Her expertise extend into curatorial writing and Art Collection Management services.

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Tony D'Agostino


Tony D’Agostino is the driving force behind financial excellence of the Artprenr venture. With a wealth of expertise in the realm of financial services, Tony assumes an influential role as an advisor to Artprenr, infusing his strategic guidance into every facet of our creative community.

As the founder of Mobility, a reputable accounting firm that has been nurturing small to medium businesses across Australia for over two decades, he has consistently championed efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long-term financial security.

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