The Story of Artprenr

Louise Isackson

Bridging Artistry and Entrepreneurship

Louise Isackson, the Founder and Director behind Artprenr, has crafted a dynamic platform to engage artists and designers worldwide. Drawing from her extensive experience in the design industry, Louise nurtured an enduring desire to transition from design to full-time artistic practice. Five years ago, she rekindled her painting pursuits, immersing herself in the realm of visual arts and collaborating with artists across the globe to propel the Artprenr brand.

At the heart of Artprenr lies Louise's fervent passion for art, inviting kindred artists into the Artprenr collective. United by an entrepreneurial value system, these artists share a commitment to achieving global exposure and sales for their works. Louise's vision creates a unique space for independent artists, granting them the freedom to collaborate with other galleries while reaping the benefits of the Artprenr collective.

Louise takes pride in curating the online Artprenr space, presenting a unique collective of artists who thrive in the evolving landscape of global art e-commerce.

Beyond the digital realm, Artprenr also boasts a boutique Studio/Gallery space in Hamilton, Brisbane, Australia, promising an exciting array of online exhibitions and private artwork viewing rooms. As Louise continues to champion the convergence of artistry and entrepreneurship, the Artprenr journey emerges boundlessly.

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